Numascale Demonstrates NumaConnect SDK at ISC

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Numascale announced today that they will officially demonstrate a live SMP cluster based on AMD Opterons and the NumaScale Software Development Kit [SDK] at ISC10′ next week.  The technology, developed over the last four years, utilizes the AMD HTX port in order to extend the Hypertransport protocol beyond a single node, thus enabling one to build SMPs from simple cluster nodes.  The FPGA-based NumaConnect card and SDK will allow one to scale a system up to 4096 servers and 256TB of shared memory.

It is a very exciting time to bring this breakthrough technology to market,” says Kåre Løchsen, CEO of Numascale. “For years the HPC market has been forced to pay a very high premium for large scale shared memory SMP systems. With NumaConnect we will enable building of systems that have similar specs as competing systems, but with a price of 1/20th to 1/30th of its enterprise alternatives.”

Our sales model should be very compelling both to end users, integrators and OEM’s as we intend to ship NumaConnect at a component level for utilization within a large range of systems and application areas,” continues Mr. Løchsen. “By not shipping systems, our plan is to engage the whole HPC community and allow our end users to work with their favorite vendor or integrator to solve their most complex problems with the lowest possible TCO.”

Currently, Numascale is working with two pilot customers, Statoil and the University of Oslo.  For more info, read their full release here.


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