PGI Compilers Now Available on Cray CX Line

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PGI announced a new deal with supercomputer big boy Cray.  The new agreement will allow Cray to resell PGI compilers on their CX line of deskside supercomputers.  Now CX1 and CX1000 users will be able to utilize the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers as well as the accelerated compilers for CUDA.

Giving Cray’s customers the flexibility and simplicity of purchasing our high-performance compilers directly from Cray for the Cray CX1 and Cray CX1000 systems is a big win for everyone,” said Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group. “Together we can offer a uniform PGI compiler environment on the Cray CX machines running Linux or Windows up through the high-end scalable Cray XT machines and provide significant ease of migration and application upscaling benefits for existing and future Cray users.

Cray has been a big PGI reseller over the years.  Nearly all XT series supercomputers have PGI compilers installed.  Considering the recent series of large XT wins, this constitutes a nice crowd.

We are excited to offer our Cray CX1 and Cray CX1000 customers access to the same compiler technology enjoyed by our Cray XT customers,” said Ian Miller, senior vice president of the productivity solutions group and marketing at Cray. “In addition, PGI’s ability to deliver technologies that leverage the GPU capabilities in the Cray CX line make it extremely relevant as more customers explore the acceleration capabilities in NVIDIA Tesla-based systems.

Support on the CX line will cover both Linux and Windows HPC Server 2008.  For more info, read PGI’s full release here.


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