The HPC performance calculator

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Got an email this week pointing me to a new gadget in Dell’s HPC web pages

Dell logoThe Dell HPC Performance Calculator allows you to enter a few data points of an HPC system (real or projected) to calculate the Theoretical Performance, Estimated Performance (based on system efficiency), and in case you’re curious, estimate Top500 ranking. The Performance Calculator can be a useful tool in the planning phase of a new system, or provide additional insight into system efficiency and performance rankings.

The calculator lets you enter the compute attributes (ops per clock, clock speed, cores, etc) of a hypothetical machine and it spits out both the peak and estimated performance of the system on the HPL.

Nothing fancy, just a little javascript to do the math for you. But it is handy to have a place ready made to do this calculation, which it seems like I’m always doing both at the day job and for insideHPC articles.


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  1. Yes its working great