Workshop Shows Designs of HPC Advisory Council

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Today I am live-blogging from the HPC Advisory Council Workshop in Hamburg. The event is kind of a “pre-conference” for ISC10 and the room is already starting to fill up even though it’s only 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. With back-to-back presentations by some of the most recognizable names in the industry, the agenda for today looks both informative and thought-provoking.

I have to admit that I came into this event today with only a vague idea of  what the HPC Advisory Council is all about. That was fixed first off when Gilad Shainer, Chairman of the HPC Advisory Council, presented an overview of the Council activities and upcoming events.

gilad-sm“The HPC Advisory Council was launched in 2008 with a mission to help bring the beneficial capabilities of HPC to new users for better research, education, and innovation,” said Shainer. “We currently have 140 members from a large number of vendor and user organizations. It’s free to join, and I want to encourage like-minded HPC professionals to visit our web site and check out the best practices, cases studies, and other materials from past workshops.”

If you missed out on the Workshop today, don’t fret. Slides from the event will soon be posted on their web site. The HPC Advisory Council is planning more great events in 2010, and the next one will be at the TeraGrid conference in Pittsburgh in August, 2010.