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Archives for June 2010

VLSCI Buys SGI XE Cluster

UPDATED: Australia’s Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative [VLSCI] has announced the purchase of a shiny new SGI XE 1300 cluster. The new machine, to be located in the Parkville Precinct facility, will help the VLSCI researchers to “explore large databases, create complex simulation models and to visualize and analyze data to accelerate important cancer, cardiovascular […]

Mellanox Message Rate Benchmark Data

On Monday of this week, we covered a quick press release from Mellanox regarding their message performance.  Specifically, it detailed the number of messages they could dispatch per second, per node.  In turn, this allows one to hypothesize about the latency required to perform a single message transfer. Why do we care?  Well, HPC interconnect […]

OSC's Blue Collar Computing effort goes international

This week the Ohio Supercomputer Center announced that the French consulting computing Sciences Computers Consultants is partnering with the Blue Collar Computing project to bring new applications and expertise to the polymer industry As part of its Blue Collar Computing offerings, OSC will provide SCC with computational infrastructure and services to test and scale advanced […]

Berkeley Announces International Center for Computational Science

Berkeley Lab today announced a new multinational research organization called the International Center for Computational Science [ICCS].  They are partnering with the likes of the University of Heidelberg in Germany and the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China in order to address the challenge of gathering, analyzing, storing and sharing […]

PBS Pro Roll Available on Clustercorp Rocks+

Altair Engineering announced today that it has partnered with Clustercorp in order to provide their PBS Pro workload management solution as a Roll in the Clustercorp Rocks+ roll suite. Partnering with Altair Engineering to create the Rocks+ PBS Professional Roll demonstrates Clustercorp’s commitment to providing customers with best-in-class solutions,” said Tim McIntire, CEO of Clustercorp. […]

New Investments and New Execs at Verari

insideHPC recently posted a series of articles on the unfortunate happenings at Verari.  Doors were shut, folks had to walk.  All in all, it was a real bummer.  However, things seem to be looking up now that David Driggers took over the company that he helped start.  According to a new release today, Verari has […]

ActiveState adds popular scientific packages to distribution

ActiveState, the Canadian software company that develops and distributes tools for dynamic languages like Perl and Python, announced last week that they are rolling three packages heavily used in scientific computing into their base distribution for Python, ActivePython In response to the growing demand for Python in heavy data-centric scientific computing and financial modeling applications, […]

ARM funded by EU to build low power datacenter

Last week ARM Holdings, the Cambridge, UK based company that designs the well-known ARM processor, announced that it is leading a project to prove out the idea that its low-power processors can power datacenter-sized computations ARM today announced it is leading a Green Cloud Services project called EuroCloud, along with Nokia, IMEC, EPFL, and the […]

Slovenian firm sets up HPC rent-a-cycle shop

IBM announced this week that it is working with Arctur, a software development firm in Slovenia, to build an iDataPlex system that will be made available for businesses in the region on a time share basis (the Republic of Slovenia is a small country on the right side of the top of the Italian boot […]

NASA Goddard Announces NASA Center for Climate Simulation

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, today, announced the inception of the NASA Center for Climate Simulation [NCCS].  The new center is being billed as “an integrated set of supercomputing, visualization, and data interaction technologies that will enhance agency capabilities in weather and climate prediction research.” The NASA Center for Climate Simulation has been […]