Adaptive jazzes Viewpoint for HPC

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Last month we did an in-depth story on Adaptive Computing’s new Moab Viewpoint offering, a webby interface for managing large cluster installations. At that time Viewpoint was really aimed at the enterprise and scale-out workload audience, but Adaptive said they were tuning it for an HPC audience.

This week from ISC they’ve announced Moab Viewpoint 1.1 with those changes

Adaptive Computing logoIn April, Adaptive Computing announced the availability of Moab Viewpoint™ 1.0, a Web portal targeting enterprise customers that require an ideal framework for managing virtual private clouds and the associated server infrastructure. Moab Viewpoint 1.1 will be available in June for HPC users and addresses the specific requirements of HPC workloads.

…New Moab Viewpoint features include:

  • New “gadgets” for Moab Viewpoint’s pluggable architecture, such as “My Workload,” provide an intuitive interface for users to manage HPC jobs, services and resources;
  • Enhanced administration capabilities allow the identification and management of “troubled workloads” that have been blocked by policy violations, system failures or other issues;
  • Cloud management functionality enables users and administrators to implement HPC cloud architectures and services and to submit and manage HPC workloads, including job submission, canceling and re queuing capabilities;
  • Policy management functions ensure that cloud service-level agreements are met;
  • Flexible billing support allows organizations to customize accounting and cost-allocation systems;
  • New reporting, charting and graphing tools provide users and service managers with information needed to optimize use and delivery of services.