Allinea Integrates with the Cray Compiler Environment

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Allinea Software announced today that their Distributed Debugging Tool [DDT] version 2.6 will support debugging of optimized code from Cray’s Compiler Environment [CCE].  Specifically, Allinea has integrated Cray’s “fast-track debugging” capabilities into DDT.

Having demonstrated the world’s first petascale-capable debugger, Allinea is committed to maintaining its position as the most scalable and easy-to-use tool of its kind. To this end, we are working closely with companies like Cray who are at the vanguard of scalable systems design,” said Michael Rudgyard, CEO of Allinea Software. “Cray’s customers develop and run many of the most demanding applications in High Performance Computing, and these applications can run for days or weeks on thousands or many tens of thousands of processors. In cases where the executable exhibits unusual behaviour as the code scales out, DDT’s fast track debugging support now provides an additional tool that allows users to get to the root cause of their problems as quickly as possible.”

On June 14th, version 2.6 of DDT will hit the streets.  The fast-track debugging capability will be available on Cray XT4, XT5, XT6 and XE6 platforms.

For more info, check out Allinea’s homepage here.