ARCS Releases New Compute Cloud Service

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The Australian Research Collaboration Service [ARCS] has announced the release of new service, called Compute Cloud.  The new service offering is designed to reduce the complexity of the current national grid and provide a standard access interface.  For example, Compute Cloud will consolidate user accounts from different research organizations and provide country-wide access to resources.

ARCS is not only adding new applications to the Compute Cloud, but also encouraging developers to create interoperable applications based on the technology,” said ARCS executive director Anthony Williams. “By making the best use of resources and providing easy access to HPC for researchers, ARCS is smoothing the way for more users to benefit from more national resources.”

Resources for the projects are being funded and provided by ARCS members.  Big name contributors from ARCS include, the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing (TPAC), eResearch SA (eRSA) and iVEC — the centre for advanced computing in Western Australia.

For more info on the recent resource release, read the full article here at ZDNet AU.