Don't forget about HPC summer school

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Why waste your summer supporting Adolphus Busch’s heirs and increasing your chances of getting skin cancer in your 50s when you could be learning about HPC? I know, the question seems obviously out of place on an HPC blog, but humor me.

Perhaps its because you haven’t yet heard of the Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering and its summer offerings? Let me help fix that.

NCSA LogoSince 2008, nearly 250 students and researchers have participated in the annual Summer School offered by the Virtual School. During Summer School, students learn new techniques for applying high-performance computing systems to their work. Due to overwhelming demand for courses in previous Summer Schools, we have added 15 sites (for a total of 21 sites) to the 2010 program in order to accommodate additional students.

…Students attend technical sessions presented by leading researchers in computational science and engineering and use cutting edge, high-performance computing systems provided by TeraGrid resource providers. Course participants apply the techniques learned in hands-on lab sessions, assisted by skilled teaching assistants who work one-on-one and in small groups to answer questions and solve problems posed during the sessions.

More info here, but registration is variously free or ridiculously cheap (depending upon whether you are a student and where you are). There are three courses being offered this summer

  • Petascale Programming Environments and Tools, July 6-9, 2010
  • Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Many-core Processors, August 2-6, 2010
  • Big Data for Science, July 26-30, 2010