EM Photonics and NVIDIA's GPU Computing Online Seminars

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EM Photonics sent us a pointer today to they are participating in NVIDIA’s GPU Computing Online Seminar series.  According to the NVIDIA seminar website, “this series covers many topics and range of technical levels ranging from introductions to optimization techniques, presented by invited guests or NVIDIA DevTech Engineers with additional staff online to answer questions. Tutorials cover many topics including CUDA C, the OpenCLTMAPI , CUDA Fortran, Microsoft’s DirectCompute and many others.”

nvidiaEM Photonics will spend an hour and a half introducing the audience to their GPU accelerated linear algebra library called CULA.

As part of NVIDIA’s GPU Computing Online Seminar Series, EM Photonics will be presenting on the current and future efforts regarding their GPU-accelerated linear algebra library CULA.  With thousands of users, CULA is one of the most powerful commercial linear algebra solution available today. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from the CULA developers, ask questions, and contribute to the discussion.

If you’re interested in hearing more, you better hurry.  The presentation takes place tomorrow, June 15th at 9:00AM Pacific Time.  You can sign up directly here, or check out the details here.