EPA finally unwraps labeling program for data centers

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This week the EPA formally initiated its long-discussed Energy Star labeling program for data centers and the buildings that house data centers.

Energy Star logoTo earn the label, data centers must be in the top 25 percent of their peers in energy efficiency according to EPA’s energy performance scale. By improving efficiency, centers can save energy and money and help fight climate change.

EPA uses a commonly accepted measure for energy efficiency, the Power Usage Effectiveness metric, to determine whether a data center qualifies for the Energy Star label. Before being awarded the Energy Star, a licensed professional must independently verify the energy performance of these buildings and sign and seal the application document that is sent to EPA for review and approval.

As far as I know the PUE is a product of The Green Grid, and this is a major policy victory for that group (they have an overview presentation of the Energy Star program for data centers here).