Jack interviewed at c|net

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That’s Prof. Jack Dongarra, of course. I love it when our folks get picked up in mainstream — or in this case, something that approximates mainstream for geeks — media.

In this article c|net talks with Jack specifically about China’s new number two super, and the possible role that GPUs may play at the high end of HPC going forward

Jack DongarraAnd what’s the future hold for GPU supercomputing?
Dongarra: Two things will happen. One, the connection will improve slightly. And then ultimately what’s going to happen is that the graphics processor is going to be integrated into the commodity processor. So, you’ll have a chip that has both the commodity processor’s cores plus the graphics processors or an accelerator for doing floating-point arithmetic embedded into the chip itself. It’s a path a number of companies are pursuing. Intel is one. AMD is another. Companies would like to pursue that path because it does provide the best performance but it does require another ratchet up in chip design.