Japanese minister looks for cuts, HPC not spared

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While countries like Russia, China, and even South Korea are ramping up national efforts to build out a supercomputing infrastructure, Japan’s minister for government revitalization is questioning her country’s level of investment

Japanese Flag“I need to produce results that will convince the public that there is no further waste in this country,” Renho said in her first joint interview with the media since her recent appointment as minister for government revitalization under Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

…Renho, a half-Taiwanese former swimsuit model, won instant fame last year as she repeatedly appeared on live TV interrogating senior civil servants over pork-barrel projects.

Her blunt speaking manner has also ruffled feathers among academia and scientists in Japan after she suggested cutting funding for a government supercomputer project, asking why the country can’t be “the world’s No.2.


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