Korean lawmaker calls for national emphasis on HPC

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Well, it’s not just Russia and China that are getting their collective acts together on HPC. According to The Korea Times today, Rep. Chung Doo-un of South Korea’s governing Grand National Party said during a seminar today that his country needs to invest in a coordinated approach to HPC

South Korean FlagA lawmaker Thursday called on the government to establish a long-term plan for the development of new technology, especially in the area of supercomputers.

…“If Korea is to survive in this increasingly competitive world, it must not neglect nurturing the supercomputer industry, which has emerged as a new growth driver in advanced countries,” Rep. Chung Doo-un of the governing Grand National Party said in a seminar held at the National Assembly.

This is probably a response to the resurgence of interest (and accomplishment) in HPC by the major powers in the region, China and Russia.

Also present at the forum was Robert Graybill, director of innovation initiatives at the University of Southern California, who said the improved performance and programmability associated with supercomputers leads to significant benefits in the private and public sectors.


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