Link and Run for 06/22/10

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PBS Works 10.4 Increases Accuracy and Predictability for HPC Capacity Planning and Forecasting

The new version of PBS Professional®, the foundation for PBS Works, offers customers a next-generation backfill scheduling system with the ability to accurately predict job start times. PBS Analytics™ 10.4 introduces a new standalone resource utilization data analysis and visualization module, License Analytics.  License Analytics can be deployed within any IT environment and is an easy-to-use solution that supports data-driven planning and decision-making. Together, the enhancements allow customers to maximize information technology (IT) investments by enabling more accurate forecasting and capacity planning decisions.

Chelsio Announces Unified Manager 1.1

Unified Manager centrally manages all Chelsio network adapter cards on the network across Windows and Linux environments.  It includes an intuitive GUI and command line interface, providing a simple to use, fast tool for IT managers to access every iSCSI initiator or target, iWARP peer, TCP/IP Offload (TOE) enabled and stateless NICs on a network.  Unified Manager now works on a wide range of operating systems: Windows 2003 and 2008, RHEL 4, 5, SLES 10, 11, Solaris 10, Open Solaris, FreeBSD and Mac OS.

Voltaire Announces New Low-Latency Layer 2/3 Switch

The combination of the Voltaire Vantage 8500 Layer 2 core switches and new Vantage 6024 switches enables customers to build flat datacenter fabrics of more than 3,400 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports with non-blocking, lossless switch capacity of 69.12 Terabits per second. Voltaire Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) software orchestrates the fabric as a single logical entity, enforcing fabric-wide service policies, providing real-time fabric and application level monitoring, and simplifying fabric administration across many physical and virtual switching elements.