Louisiana Students Report to LSU's Beowulf Boot Camp

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The LSU Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, is holding their third annual Beowulf Boot Camp this week.  The June 14-18th event will allow high school students to learn the basics of supercomputing alongside university researchers at LSU.

Students will engage in:

  • Building a computer cluster from scratch
  • Installing the Linux operating system on the computer they’ve built
  • Connecting Computers put together by their peers to make a Mini-Supercomputer
  • Learning how to program a Mini-Supercomputer
  • Interactive activities to help understand how Parallel computing works in Supercomputing
  • Running performance benchmarks to determine how your cluster ranks in comparison with the Fastest and Largest supercomputers in the world

The camp was created by Dr. Thomas Sterling back in August of 2007 with assistance from CCT faculty and staff.  The event has grown from students/teachers from five Baton Rouge high schools to welcoming students from 40 high schools this year from all across the state.  Quite a success in only three years! [not to mention that they have a wicked cool logo]

If you’re interested in following the event, check out their homepage here.