New Investments and New Execs at Verari

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insideHPC recently posted a series of articles on the unfortunate happenings at Verari.  Doors were shut, folks had to walk.  All in all, it was a real bummer.  However, things seem to be looking up now that David Driggers took over the company that he helped start.  According to a new release today, Verari has received a “significant investment to further bolster the company’s growth.”

Verari Tech logoThis funding is a significant milestone for Verari,” said David Driggers, Chairman and CEO, Verari Technologies. “The investment comes at a crucial time as our traction is increasing and the cloud server and cloud storage markets are beginning to aggressively mature. Our FOREST and BladeRack platforms are being deployed worldwide through our outstanding partner network, and we are seeing strong levels of interest and demand for both. The additional capital puts us in an excellent position for extended growth and success.”

Aside from the new found funds, Verari has appointed Marc Brown as the company’s chief operations officer. There is no mention that this executive appointment has anything to do with the specific outside investment.  Either way, Brown is designated as the honcho in charge of day-to-day operations and will hold a key role in the future of Verari.

Marc has over 27 years of professional experience in the industrial computing market encompassing all aspects of executive management, operations, engineering, product development, marketing, sales management, business and channel development,” said Driggers. “As an industry veteran with a successful track record of building strong organizations with demonstrated leadership and customer commitment, Marc will be instrumental in assisting Verari to further its position as a top-tier information technology provider.”

Congrats to Verari for landing the influx in cash.  For more info, read their full release here.


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