PBS Pro Roll Available on Clustercorp Rocks+

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Altair Engineering announced today that it has partnered with Clustercorp in order to provide their PBS Pro workload management solution as a Roll in the Clustercorp Rocks+ roll suite.

Altair logoPartnering with Altair Engineering to create the Rocks+ PBS Professional Roll demonstrates Clustercorp’s commitment to providing customers with best-in-class solutions,” said Tim McIntire, CEO of Clustercorp.  “As a reseller of PBS Professional, our customers will benefit from the efficiencies of a single-vendor acquisition process, while leveraging each company’s core competencies to ensure a great customer experience.”

Clients require high-performance cluster solutions that can be easily scaled to accommodate various workloads,” said Ed Turkel, manager of business development for HP Scalable Computing and Infrastructure. “With Altair Engineering’s PBS Professional available within HP’s Unified Cluster Portfolio, clients can take advantage of a cluster solution that delivers exceptional performance and scalability.”

This is good news for both Altair and Clustercorp.  The partnership provides Rocks users the potential to deploy their commercially supported workload manager and Clustercorp has yet another roll feather in their hat.  For more info, read the full release here.


  1. You are not serious, who needs them? Go away we have enough low performers in this space!!

  2. I wouldn’t call PBS a low performer, but there is some truth to you get what you pay for.