PRACE announces call for allocation requests

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Continuing with our “PRACE day” theme, let’s pass along news that I got over the email transom today about PRACE’s first call [PDF] for allocation applications. This call covers JUGENE, the IBM Blue Gene/P installed at the Gauss Centre. Allocations are due in August and will run from Nov 1 2010 to Oct 31 2011.

PRACE logoThe deadline for submission of proposals is August 15th at 16.00 CEST. All proposals must be submitted via the PRACE website at:

The First PRACE Regular call is intended for large-scale projects of high scientific quality and for which a significant impact at European and international level is anticipated. High scalability of the code (at least 8000 compute cores) must be demonstrated. Proposals for project access must be ready to run. The projects must demonstrate scientific excellence and should cover topics of major relevance for European research. They should also include elements of novelty, transformative aspects, have a recognised scientific impact and include a dissemination plan. Possible practical and timely applications resulting from the project are also desirable. The projects should also demonstrate the possibility of achieving results which will be publishable in journals of recognised scientific impact.

All proposals will undergo PRACE technical and scientific assessment. The assessment procedure will adhere to the PRACE principles of peer review. For this call only proposals from academia are eligible and the project leader must be homed in a European Union country or a PRACE AISBL country. The JUGENE at GCS at Jülich also has further restrictions due to US export rules. All applicants should expect to be notified of the outcome by the end of October 2010.