PSC To Begin Accepting Proposals for Anton

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Pittsburgh Supercomputing, home of the National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing [NRBSC], will soon begin accepting user proposals for time on Anton.  Remember Anton?  The guy from the third period physics?  No, Anton is the specialized computing platform developed by D.E. Shaw Research [DESRES] designed specifically for bio-molecular simulation.

Anton was designed to dramatically increase the speed of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations compared with the previous state of the art, allowing biomedical researchers to understand the motions and interactions of proteins and other biologically important molecules over much longer time periods than have previously been accessible to computational study.  The machine and the novel algorithms it employs were designed by a team of researchers led by David E. Shaw, chief scientist of DESRES.

NRBSC will soon invite researchers from the US to submit their proposals for access to the very specialized resource.  A peer review committee will be convened by the National Research Council in order to review the specific proposals.  If you’re interested in submitting a proposal, check out the submission page here.

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