Terascala and Dell Collaborate on Turnkey Lustre Gear

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Dell and Terascala announced details today that they are officially moving forward with a partnership to deliver turnkey Lustre solutions aimed at high education and mid-sized HPC installs.  The product suite includes six different versions of a cohesive Lustre solution, offering redundant configs of 30, 60, 09 and up to 180 terabytes of capacity.

TeraScala logoHigh performance computing is now being used by more and more organizations to tackle a range of problems. Many of these new users are looking for a complete, easy to manage high performance solution, including servers, storage and networking,” said Steve Butler, CEO of Terascala. “Terascala is excited to be partnering with Dell, who is known as a leader in delivering high performance computing solutions.”

Dell logoWe understand the amount of time and effort our customers in academia put into the valuable research they conduct,” said John Mullen, vice president and general manager, Dell Education, State and Local Government. “It’s critical for us to provide the best technology to help ensure our customer’s critical data is safe and secure, the Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution is designed to do just that so researchers can spend their time finding new discoveries, instead of worrying about IT.”

Under the covers, the package includes the Terascala Lustre secret sauce and Dell PowerVault MD3000 or MD1000 storage appliances.  If you’re interested in more info on the packages, check out the Dell HPC website here or the Terascala website here.


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