Acceleware Announces NVIDIA Fermi Support

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accelewareAcceleware today announced official support for NVIDIA’s Fermi silicon in their line of oil & gas and Electromagnetic software simulation products.  The release quotes the boost in double precision performance as one of the major contributors to the software speedup.

For over six years Acceleware has leveraged its extensive experience in utilizing GPUs for HPC to solve their customers computational challenges,” said Andy Keane, general manager, Tesla business unit. “With support for our latest generation GPU architecture, they can now leverage new features such as ECC and increased double precision performance to deliver substantial improvements to their customers’ codes and applications.”

Customers with existing maintenance contracts will receive the new Fermi support with their normal software updates.  Acceleware software is supported by the NVIDIA Tesla C2050, C2070, M2050 and S2050/70.

For more info, read their full release here.


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