Dell to upgrade NASA's climate super

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At the end of June NASA announced that they were hopping on the climate labeling bandwagon as they pasted a new name on some pre-existing computational resources to create the National Center for Climate Science (NCCS). And now we can guess what they did with at least some of that American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money, too, as Dell just announced at $5.1M deal with NASA to upgrade NCCS’ primary computational resource from 160 to 300TF

NASA logoDell is providing the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), located at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, with new Dell PowerEdge C6100 servers customized for high-performance computing (HPC) environments. The contract is worth up to $5.1 million dollars. With the new servers, NCCS users at Goddard and locations across the U.S. will conduct simulation modeling and data analysis to explore, understand and predict climate change.


  1. Never understood why NASA needed computational power at GSFC when Ames always seemed to get the lion’s share of the funding.

    Sigh… maybe it is the same reason that the HPCMP “needs” all six of its centers.

    Where is the almighty elastic HPC could when we need him the most? – ***Queue MIghty Mouse Theme Song***