EM Photonics Announces Partnership with PSSC Labs

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EM Photonics cut a press release this morning detailing a new partnership in the HPC industry.  The proprietors of the CULA Tools numerical libraries for NVIDIA GPUs announced a new partnership with PSSC Labs.  PSSC Labs will distribute CULA Tools as a part of their PowerWulf Series of HPC clusters.

We are expanding our GPU business into exciting areas of research in the Life Science, Engineering and Modeling industries.  Offering a robust linear algebra toolkit like CULA from EM Photonics is of significant value to our clients.  The less time our clients need to spend porting their code into a new architecture, the more time they can spend advancing their research efforts, and we all benefit in the end.” said Eric Lesser, Director of North America Operations at PSSC Labs.

In my mind, this is a great partnership for both companies.  Given their respective size, PSSC and EM Photonics can react quickly to market trends and together, provide serious value to their customers.

We are excited about our new cooperation with PSSC Labs,” said Eric Kelmelis, CEO of EM Photonics.   “They have consistently delivered quality HPC solutions at very competitive pricing.  Right now, customers can get a turn-key workstation designed to run high performance computing, with CULA installed, for under $5,000.  Their client-centric approach to doing business is aligned with ours. I am confident this relationship will generate rewards for both companies and valuable solutions for our customers,” he added.

The partnership has already delivered two systems with the integrated tools.  The University of Florida and San Francisco State University are proud new owners of PSSC clusters with CULA Tools installed.

For more info on the partnership, check out the EM Photonics website here.