Euro grid initiative shuts down

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Here’s something that happened back in April, but I missed it somehow, and didn’t notice it until I saw this post from European research blog AlphaGalileo

The Enabling Grids for E-SciencE (EGEE) project closed on 30 April 2010, having nurtured innovative, world-class research across Europe and around the globe. EGEE-III brought together a computing infrastructure, software tools and services to support more than 10,000 scientific researchers across more than 170 research communities.

EGEE is supplanted by the European Grid Infrastructure, which is being funding by the European Commission and started up on 1 May

“The establishment of represents a new phase for the European Grid Infrastructure,” says Steven Newhouse, Director. “Sustainability is key for supporting the next generation of data intensive science projects. EGI, through its foundation on strong National Grid Infrastructures, will provide the coordination necessary for a secure, reliable and integrated infrastructure in Europe.”


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