IBM revs OpenCL for Linux on POWER

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IBM logoIBM recently made available an OpenCL 1.0 conformant SDK for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the company’s POWER line of processors (though only for 32-bit operation). The release was made through the company’s alphaWorks site, and updates the initial release made on October 30 of last year.

Although we often only talk about OpenCL as a vendor-agnostic alternative to CUDA, it is designed to support a fairly general model (though low level) for expressing parallel work, and it can support hybrid CPU-accelerator on the Cell B/E, ARM, and x86 processors as well as GPUs from NVIDIA and ATI/AMD.

According to the company, the OpenCL Development Kit for Linux on Power has been tested on the IBM BladeCenter QS22 and JS22/JS23/JS43 and the IBM Power 755 server.


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