LSU brings computational science to K-12 teachers

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The LSU Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, is holding a workshop this week designed to bring computational science into K-12 education.

LSU LogoThis no-cost, weeklong activity will introduce 25 Louisiana high school teachers to computational science tools and techniques, giving them ideas for incorporating this technology into their lesson plans and curricula. Teachers were able to sign up for the workshop on a first-come, first-served basis.

The effort is funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents, and is just the sort of thing I’d love to  be involved in (but don’t have the time to start myself). Participating teachers will spend the week immersed in computational science and will leave with a plan to inject at least some of what they’ve learned into the classroom

The participating teachers will meet LSU researchers working on the CyberTools project, in which researchers are developing tools and applications to allow scientists to use high-performance computing more effectively. These researchers, many of whom are on faculty with CCT, will present their work throughout the week.

…The 25 teachers who will participate, all of whom teach high school math, science or computer science, will finish the workshop with at least one lesson plan and homework assignment for their high school students, which will include new computational science concepts and activities.