MVAPICH 1.5 Official Release

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For those who get their kicks from MPI over Infiniband [as opposed to Route66], the OSU’s Network-Based Computing Lab announced last night that they have officially released version 1.5 of their MVAPICH2 MPI stack.  We covered the RC2 release details back in June.  Well, now you’re good to go for production use.

New features include:

  • MPI 2.2 standard compliant
  • OFA-IB-Nemesis interface design
  • Flexible process manager support
  • Support for hwloc library (1.0.1) for defining CPU affinity
  • Introduction of a retry mechanism for RDMA_CM connection

Bug fixes include:

  • Fix MPE functionality
  • Path determination is correctly handled by mpirun_rsh when DPM is
  • Compilation issue with the ROMIO adio-lustre driver,
  • Fix to multi-rail communication

For more info on all the new features and all the bugs fixed in this release, check out their website here.