PRACE awards 320 million hours to 10 projects

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This week PRACE announced a big award of computational time to 10 projects in Europe

PRACE logoTen research projects, five from Germany, two from the UK one each from Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal, have been awarded access to the PRACE infrastructure. In total 321.4 Million compute core hours were granted. Sixty-eight applications requesting a total of 1870 Million compute hours were received in this call, which was the first opportunity for researchers to apply for PRACE resources.

The successful research projects are in the fields of astrophysics, earth sciences, engineering, and plasma and particle physics including collaborators from 31 Universities and research institutes in 12 countries. These projects will have access to JUGENE, IBM BlueGene/P, hosted by the Gauss-Centre for Supercomputing member site in Jülich, Germany, which is the first Petascale HPC system available to researchers through PRACE. It is the fastest computer in Europe available for public research.

These projects are all R&D, and all science (not industrial). The projects awarded time include

  • Simulation of electron transport in organic solar cell materials
  • Excess proton at water/hydrophobic interfaces: A Car-Parrinello MD study
  • Parallel space-time approach to turbulence: computation of unstable periodic orbits and the dynamical zeta function
  • QCD Thermodynamics with 2+1+1 improved dynamical flavors
  • Ab initio Simulations of Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas
  • Providing fundamental laws for weather and climate models
  • Plasmoid Dynamics in Magnetic Reconnection
  • A dislocation dynamics study of dislocation cell formation and interaction between a low angle grain boundary and an in-coming dislocation
  • Type Ia supernovae from Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf explosions
  • QCD Simulations for Flavor Physics in the Standard Model and Beyond