SC10 encourages disruptions

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No, you can’t bring your cowbell to technical sessions.

But if you’ve got your finger on the pulse of  a technology that is sure to change the face of HPC, SC10 has a place for you to show it.

SC10 logoAs part of its annual Disruptive Technologies Program, SC is providing a dedicated exhibition area featuring such technologies.

Disruptive Technologies, which has taken place as part of SC since 2006, examines new computing architectures and interfaces that will significantly impact the high-performance computing field throughout the next five to 15 years, but have not yet emerged in current systems.

“Disruptive” technologies represent drastic innovations in current practices such that they have the potential to completely transform the high-performance computing field as it currently exists — ultimately overtaking the leading technologies or software tools in the marketplace.

The SC10 Disruptive Technologies Program will feature panel sessions and an exhibit showcase. Submissions will be accepted through Thursday, August 5, 2010, at


  1. I don’t care what you say, I am bringing my cowbell !!! 🙂
    Go Dawgs!