Warwick building an HPC system for MHD

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ComputerworldUK ran a story last week on a tender out by the University of Warwick in the UK for a new high performance computer.

A “significant” share of the new facility will be used for research in the field of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD – the study of the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids such as plasma and metal liquids), to support the computational requirements of the UK MHD research community. The facility will also be used to support research from other disciplines at the university.

It’s a relatively small system, but there is some upward potential

The university’s current approved budget for the procurement is £970,000. However, it expects extra budget to become available “in due course” to allow for expansion of hardware functionality and value up to a maximum £2 million.

U of W’s neighbors to the west in Wales are investing a bit more: Wales just recently announced a $60M investment in a regional HPC capability.