AMD revs Stream SDK, now with OpenCL 1.1

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Last week AMD announced that is has released rev 2.2 of its Stream SDK. In case you need a refresher

AMD logoATI Stream technology is a set of advanced hardware and software technologies that enable AMD graphics processing cores (GPU), working in concert with the system’s x86 cores (CPU), to accelerate many applications beyond just graphics. This enables better balanced platforms capable of running demanding computing tasks faster than ever, and sets software developers on the path to optimize for the upcoming AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

This version offers “full support” for OpenCL 1.1, which was ratified in June.

“Availability of the ATI Stream SDK v2.2 with OpenCL 1.1 support is a great example of how CPU and GPU technology continues to mature and usher in next-generation computing experiences, where voice, touch, gesture and facial recognition capabilities are common, everyday features,” said Patricia Harrell, director of Stream Computing, AMD. “The enhancements in the ATI Stream SDK v2.2 are especially important due to the support for OpenCL 1.1, which is integral to the forthcoming AMD Fusion family of APUs. These tools allow the developer community to take advantage of heterogeneous computing architectures both today and tomorrow.”

Some of the new features include

  • Extended operating system support, including Ubuntu 10.04, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5
  • Increased hardware support including x86 CPUs with SSE2.x or later, allowing users to run OpenCL applications on a greater variety of CPUs
  • Additional support for Linux and Windows compilers, including GNU Compiler Collection 4.1 or later, Microsoft® Visual Studio® (MSVS) 2010 Professional Edition and Minimalist GNU (GCC 4.4) for Windows (MinGW)
  • Support for additional double-precision floating points routines in OpenCL kernels to enable greater computational accuracy in HPC and scientific based applications.

Download available here.


  1. Each SDK they release is worse and worse….