BlueArc releases SiliconFS version 7.0

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This week storage vendor BlueArc announced an upgrade to its SiliconFS hardware-accelerated file system

BlueArc logoSiliconFS 7.0 new features include advanced metadata management for cost and disk efficiency, as well as file system enhancements that allow scaling up to 16 usable petabytes (PB) on a single node or cluster.

The optimized metadata handling option in SiliconFS 7.0 enables customers to use fewer high performance disks combined with lower cost disks while achieving the same industry-leading performance that BlueArc customers know and love. It delivers this efficiency by automatically separating the metadata from the user data, placing the metadata on the fastest tier of storage being used (SAS or Solid State Disk), and placing the rest of the user data on the slower, less expensive tier. In turn, metadata operations are accelerated to improve overall system performance, while reducing the amount of high-performance storage required.

More at the website.