Cell phones, MPI, and extending the boundaries of supercomputing

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Jeff Squyres has a post to get your Friday morning off right in which he issues a challenge for someone in the community with a little free time to extend Open MPI…into your pocket

We’ve actually idly chatted about such things in the Open MPI community for a while.  It would be tremendously fun to write an iPhone/Android app that could talk to an MPI implementation and/or application.  Perhaps a good starting point would be to have the MPI implementation talk to an iPhone/Android phone.

Indeed, a simple first feature might well be push notifications when an MPI job completes. Open MPI supports “notifier” plugins  that exactly fit this use-case scenario.  We just need someone to write a notifier that sends an iPhone/Android push notification.

Any takers?  Ping me; I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.


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  1. I noted in a comment submitted to Jeff that we did something like this a few years ago, and had a customer using it for job submission between a number of sites. You can see some of the bits here http://scalability.org/?p=482 and here http://scalability.org/?p=425 . As noted in the post, feel free to bug me offline if you want to talk about it. We never saw much interest outside of that one customer.

  2. The 1.5 of Open-MPI will have Twitter support (for notifiers only – not related to their April 1st 2009 announcement 🙂 ).