CUDA for Vision and Imaging Lib beta released

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This just in over the email transom:

CUVI Lib logoTunaCode has announced the release of CUVI Lib v0.3 (Beta version) for Windows 32 and 64 Systems. A copy can be downloaded from

CUVI Lib (CUDA for Vision and Imaging Lib) is an add-on library for NPP (NVIDIA Performance Primitives) and includes several advanced computer vision and image processing functions presently not available in NPP. This version of CUVI Lib supports, among others:

  • Optical Flow (Horn & Shunck)
  • Optical Flow (Lucas & Kanade)
  • Discrete Wavelet Transform (Forward and Inverse)
  • Hough Transform
  • Hough Lines (Lines Detector)
  • Color Conversion (RGB-to-gray and RGBA-to-Gray)

Several more advanced features will be added to CUVI Lib in upcoming releases. A detailed function reference can be downloaded here. Forums to discuss feedback and further ideas are available.