Galicia Launches MS in Supercomputing

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CESGA logoThe A Coruña University (UDC), Santiago de Compostela University (USC) and Galicia Supercomputing Center (CESGA) have announced that they will begin holding courses toward achieving a Masters degree in Supercomputing during the 2010-2011 year.  The program is partially sponsored by Bull and HP, and why not?  They’re funding the future customers and potential innovators [employees] that will continue to push the envelope of HPC.

The program will offer joint projects, courses, congresses, networks and other initiatives with the USC and and the UDC Computer Architecture groups alongside CESGA in order to ground students in both theory and execution of HPC foo.

During the first four years of operation, the program will offer 25 spots for full time [one year] or part-time [two year] students.  Additionally, HP will sponsor (among other assistances) access to HP’s employment exchange and to the selection process for the program Sales University in HP Spain, for those top students they might be interested in.

For more info on the new program, check out their full release here.


  1. Is just so good to know hp is involved in such an innitiative. After all there is too much to be done and many brilliant people that can make supercomputing an art for the benefit of human kind and the environment in which we interact.