Hawaii Open Supercomputing Center Receives $5Million Grant

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The Hawaii Open Supercomputing Center [HOSC] at the University of Hawaii today announced that it has received a $5 million grant for expansion and upgrades.  Senators Daniel K. Inouye and Daniel K. Akaka announced that the money was appropriated in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010 approved by the Senate back in December.

In order for Hawaii to seriously compete in the global economy we must continue to innovate by investing in high technology and developing the intellectual and physical infrastructure necessary to support growth,” said Senator Inouye.

As information technology advances, our infrastructure must keep up,” said Senator Akaka.  “This funding will help Hawaii to lead in a rapidly changing economy.”

HOSC will acquire a new system to be housed at the Maui Supercomputing Center, but dedicated to HOSC workloads.  Those workloads fall in the disciplines of: astronomy, oceanography, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, ocean engineering, agriculture, energy, civil and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economy, business and computer sciences.  [basically every HPC niche there is]

For more info, read their full release here.