HPC Advisory Council adds centers of excellence

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I missed this when it happened last week, but the HPC Advisory Council announced that it is forming regional Centers of Excellence around the world in an effort to extend its reach and build a more cohesive community

HPC Advisory Council logo“One of the HPC Advisory Council’s main activities is community and education outreach, in particular, through enhancing the HPC knowledge-base around the world and exploring future solutions,” said Gilad Shainer, chairman of the HPC Advisory Council. “The HPC Advisory Council Centers of Excellence are located worldwide and will extend the activities of the council into local areas and focus on the regional needs for furthering our HPC outreach activities.”

The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre is one of the first centers to be designated

“We are pleased to be named as one the inaugural HPC Advisory Council’s Centers of Excellence, covering HPC research, outreach and educational activities within Europe,” said Hussein Nasser El-Harake at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre who serves as the Director of the HPC Advisory Council Center of Excellence in Switzerland. “As part of the HPC Advisory Council’s Center of Excellence, we look forward to advancing awareness of the beneficial capabilities of HPC to new users.”