LSU To Participate in DARPA UHPC

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LSU LogoLSU announced details today of their participation in the DARPA Ubiquitous High Performance Computing Program.  A research group consisting of LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology [CCT] received two awards associated with UHPC.  LSU Department of Computer Science Arnaud & Edwards Professor Thomas Sterling and his research group at the CCT, where Sterling has a joint appointment, will lead LSU’s contributions to the project.  The various focus points of LSU’s research staff will include execution models, runtime system software, memory system architecture and symbolic applications.

Such systems will enable applications that require months of computation time today to take hours by the end of the decade and make possible real-time applications that cannot be done at all now,” Sterling said.

Sterling has spent the past several years working on programming models and methodologies for building, operating and programming Exascale computing systems.  Over the past four years, he has led a research project called ParallelX, which explores a new computational execution model.  Parallel computing exploits the concurrency of operation to shorten the amount of time it takes researchers to run applications.

We are entering the next phase of computing and, essentially, everything has to change,” Sterling said. “We are honored and excited to be selected as part of the national UHPC initiative that will, in the coming years, establish the future direction of American research, development, and application of supercomputer technology.”

Sterling’s group will receive $1.2 million over four years for their participation in the project.  For more info, read their full release here.