SDSC to Host Grand Challenge Data Conference

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SDSC logoThe San Diego Supercomputer Center today announced that it will host a special conference in late October this year as it readies itself to deploy Gordon, their upcoming data intensive computing platform.  The conference, called “Grand Challenges in Data-Intensive Discovery”, will be held October 26-28 at SDSC.

Science has entered a data-intensive era, driven by a deluge of data being generated by digitally based instruments, sensor networks, and simulation devices,” said Michael Norman, interim director of SDSC. “Hence, a growing part of the scientific enterprise is associated with analyzing such data, placing special demands on computer architectures because the associated calculations have frequent I/O accesses, large memory requirements, and often limited parallelism.

Speakers and their respective topics include:

  • Visual Arts – Lev Manovich, UC San Diego
  • Needs and Opportunities in Observational Astronomy – Alex Szalay, Johns Hopkins University
  • Transient Sky Surveys – Peter Nugent, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Large Data-Intensive Graph Problems – John Gilbert, UC Santa Barbara
  • Algorithms for Massive Data Sets – Michael Mahoney, Stanford University
  • Needs and Opportunities in Seismic Modeling and Earthquake Preparedness Tom Jordan, University of Southern California
  • Economics and Econometrics – James Hamilton, UC San Diego
  • Needs and Opportunities in Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Flow Field Data Analysis – Parviz Moin, Stanford University
  • …and many more

For more info, read their full release here.