Update on Hawking's UV

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Last week we covered news that the research consortium headed by Stephen Hawking was upgrading to an SGI UV 1000 system.  That story was thin on actual details about the deployed system, so I got in touch with SGI to see if we could find out more. Here is what I heard back from a spokesperson

SGI logo

  • The system is just shy of 1,000 cores
  • Installation is scaling to three racks
  • 2+ TB of Memory
  • As the consortium members (7 universities) require more computing power, the system will scale with their needs.
  • The system was delivered to COSMOS August 18

Not a huge amount of shared memory, given that the system can handle up to 16TB, but it is a lot relative to what it is usually possible to do in a single system image. They’ve got about half of the max cores the system can handle (2,048).