Canadian Light Source a Bright Spot for Isilon

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I hadn’t heard of Canadian Light Source before today, but there’s news today that they are Isilon’s newest customer. CLS is Canada’s national synchrotron research facility, and their work centers around the study of structural and chemical properties of natural and manufactured materials.

In its HPC data center, CLS had been using SAN storage which apparently wasn’t scaling in-line with application demands:

With demand continuing to increase for our synchrotron-based research, we needed to move away from the complexity and limitations of our traditional SAN to a simpler, more flexible and cost-effective storage solution,” said Christopher Angel, IT Systems Analyst, CLS. “Isilon fit the bill, as it not only simplified management and improved application performance, but its scale-out architecture also ensures we’ll never need a forklift upgrade again.”

CLS deployed something that Isilon calls “scale-out storage,” which the company describes as a powerful, yet simple way to manage data and applications.