Donate Your CPU Cycles to IBM's Clean Water Grid

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We don’t hear much SETI@home or Folding@home these days, but a quick visit to their sites confirms that they are still accepting your donations of compute cycles.

While the notion of Volunteer Computing is not new, this week Big Blue announced Computing for Clean Water, part of a series of IBM Grid Computing projects. It’s a worthy cause if there ever was one, as clean water is a scarce resource for at least 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Like SETI@home and others, the Computing for Clean Water project uses BOINC open-source software for volunteer computing. BOINC is sponsored by the the good folks at the National Science Foundation.

To contribute to the Computing for Clean Water project, sign up at the World Community Grid site.


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  1. Well, there has been at least one BOINC project in the press recently: Einstein@Home as they found a new radio pulsar – the first one found by volunteer computing -> sciencemag