Jonathan Schwartz does Internet Healthcare Startup

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Ok, this isn’t really HPC news, but bear with me. This morning former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced his new startup at The headline there has me scratching my head:

Most places on Earth, the internet is more accessible than electricity, clean water, or basic sanitation.

The company will reportedly be called Informed Biometry, so I’m thinking this venture is about telemedicine or maybe something along the lines of the Clean Water Grid that we covered here earlier this week.

Schwartz’s blog does not shed much light on the subject, and even Ashlee Vance wasn’t able to get much of a story out of him besides a goal statement: “leverage technology in pursuit of better health.” In the meantime, it looks like they are hiring programmer types.


  1. Aseniah Wallace says

    The healthcare industry has many challenges that can benefit significantly from non-healthcare industry leaders to develop solutions to meet future challenges. Many leaders in healthcare are overwhelmed with the magnitude of challenges and would welcome strong progressive leadership solutions.

    Way to go Jonathan. I have entered a doctoral program in health care administration after many years in the computer manufacturing industry and would love to join his team in this venture.