Los Alamos to Install Two SGI Altix XE Clusters

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SGI today announced that Los Alamos National Laboratory has purchased two large SGI Altix XE 1300 clusters for their Climate, Ocean, and Sea Ice Modeling Project. The Altix XE clusters will each have approximately 50 teraflops of peak performance and 14 terabytes of memory with over 4,500 processor cores. The first cluster is already being integrated into LANL’s existing Turquoise network infrastructure that supports institution-wide unclassified scientific research and the ASC Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program.

“LANL’s research requires top-notch computing and infrastructure for processing massive amounts of data,” said Andy White, deputy associate director of the Theory, Simulation and Computing Directorate at LANL. “We have had excellent experience in the past with SGI systems and are pleased to be deploying systems and working with them again to provide the computing resources required to support our important research initiatives.”

While 50 Teraflop clusters are rather routine these days, this is a big win for SGI, whose Altix XE systems are based on Intel Xeon 5500 processors.