Penguin on Demand Serves Up LS-DYNA

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This week Penguin Computing announced a partnership with Livermore Software Technology Corp. to deliver LS-DYNA as an on-demand solution using POD – Penguin on Demand.

This agreement makes it easy and cost effective for organizations to move their LS-DYNA workload to POD — for example to off-load peak workloads or to run large-scale simulations that cannot be processed in-house. The use of LS-DYNA on POD is completely transparent and LS-DYNA users no longer have to be concerned with application installation and licensing. With POD hosting,  LS-DYNA-licensed users only pay for compute time used. LS-DYNA license fees are incurred based on the number of cores used over a 24-hour period. LSTC will provide full application support for LS-DYNA on POD.

As an HPC Cloud service, POD provides access to a Linux cluster optimized for HPC workloads. As a result, Penguin asserts that applications like LS-DYNA run on POD “without the negative performance impact due to the virtualization layers most “cloud” offerings are based on.” That means fast interconnects, Amazon, so please take note.