Snecma Aerospace Standardizes on ANSYS for Simulations

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French aerospace manufacturer Snecma announced that it is deploying ANSYS Workbench corporate-wide to develop aircraft and rocket engine designs. Snecma is relying on the Workbench technology for all its computer-aided engineering solver interfaces. To help optimize Snecma products in terms of performance, cost, and robustness, ANSYS Workbench offers “close integration with CAD systems, providing Snecma with a seamless analysis environment.”

“Snecma will realize the benefits that can be achieved by applying numerical simulation upstream in its product development processes. Through the use of ANSYS software, the organization can look into innovation as a best practice, while concurrently reducing time to market,” said Josh Fredberg, vice president, marketing at ANSYS.

Snecma was rather famous in the trade show world for being one of the first companies to employ 3D, Augmented Reality brochures in their exhibits. I haven’t seen this technology at American shows, but you can check it out in this video.