Talgo Looks to MSC for High-speed Rail Suspension Simulations

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On Thursday, MSC announced that Talgo, a Spanish manufacturer of high-speed rail components, is using the company’s software solutions to design railway material and equipment. Using MSC Adams, a popular multibody dynamics and motion analysis package, Talgo relies on simulation to validate train suspensions to fulfill certification standards.

Talgo’s flagship product is a high speed passive tilting train equipped with a variable gauge system. This system enables Talgo trains to operate on different track types and travel between locations where different track gauges are used (i.e. France and Spain).

A complete Talgo track inspection system, composed of traction bogies, car bodies, typical Talgo bogies with a passive tilting system, and detailed guidance system, has also been developed with the help of the Adams + VI Rail Template Builder. The results achieved in dynamic simulations, relative to comfort and safety, have been coherent regarding tilting in curves, lateral and vertical accelerations on car bodies, contact forces and guidance system.

To give Talgo quick access to the right software for the job, the company now uses MSC’s Enterprise Advantage License Unit, a flexible, parallel licensing system that makes available the entire solution portfolio from MSC.Software through a single license pool.