Video: 3D Journey Through the Human Heart

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As part of our new feature, Video Sunday, I’d like to preview some content from the Emerging Companies Summit Sept. 21-23rd in San Jose. In this video, a CT scan of a patient’s heart is rendered in 3D, allowing doctors to diagnose an abnormality of the coronary artery and to plan for surgical intervention.


UsefulProgress, a Paris-based startup, uses NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA technology to create stunningly detailed 3D stereo visuals like these from image sources such as X-ray, CRT and MRI. You can read more Useful Progress at the NVIDIA NTERSECT blog.


  1. Shame Isaac Asimov isn’t around to see this. He wrote the original story that became the 1966 visually mind-blowing 1966 move “Fantastic Voyage,” a trippy trip through the human body.