Whamcloud Grapples for Lustre Mindshare

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HPC startups aren’t for the feint of heart. You’ve got to spawn the idea, get financing, and develop the technology while the clock is running. So far, so good for Brent Gorda, CEO of Whamcloud, a new company aiming to close it’s first deal and take Lustre to the next level of performance.

Now comes the hard part — gaining mindshare. As reported in Linux Insider, Gorda is finding that whenever he talks to potential customers about Whamcloud and Lustre, each listener comes away hearing something different:

So I’m finding that I have to spend a lot of my time just talking to people and trying to show them that we are taking our time and trying to do this in a controlled manner. It takes a lot to explain that we want to become a strong player in the community.

At insideHPC, we think that Whamcloud is one to watch. The Lustre community appreciates rocket science, but in the end, even science depends on the art of the deal.